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We aim to provide a One Stop Shop for all your Risk and Resilience Needs; from Food Defense Plans,
Beating Workplace Violence, Business Travel Risks and Maintaining the Continuity of your Operations.

We know that we must support your growth, revenue and reduce losses, while improving your efficiency and safety!  SOSRisk will help you show value and protect your hard won and most valuable asset, your reputation!

Briefing PDF Files

Online E-Learning Modules

Fixed Fee Personal Briefings

First time going on a cruise, or to a certain country? We have pre-recorded information you are going to need on your vacation or business trip. We can help you pack your bags with the items you are going to need. Our PDF Files will help you have a safe and enjoyable trip.
Our E-Learning Modules cover everything from a simple trip to dealing with business transactions in foreign countries. Like an online school for risk management, we teach you what we know and how to apply it to your everyday life in business and travel.
Sometimes you need that personal touch. We can talk to you on the phone or arrange to meet you in person. With our fixed fee personal briefings, there are no hidden costs. If your situation needs that personal dynamic touch, we are here to assist you.